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Yes the days of men in dressed in a basic black work suit and tie are over. Today’s men are in a world of interviews, business meetings, global travel, “casual days” , and clothing that goes from work to after-hours fun or family time seamlessly. Though women still corner the market in total shopping purchases, online fashion shopping by men is now growing at a rate faster than women’s.  But how to dress for success and with great style without breaking the bank?   Women have known it for years…and smart and savvy fashionable men have been catching on!  Buying resale or gently used designer and career clothing online makes perfect sense. In fact, it also makes great career sense! Here are 5 best reasons why

1)          Cut the clothing COST!- of course! Yes, you knew it…the number one reason. The resale market for upscale designer preowned menswear is booming. And why not?  The savings are tremendous! Career clothing and high quality designer brands can be found at a fraction of the price of new. Men love a bargain, (and the thrill of the hunt) as much as women. Lower cost for high quality clothing, translates to more buying power for your clothing budget.  For example, one new Brooks Brothers standard button down business dress shirt can retail anywhere from $80 to $325, but for an average resale price $20-$45, men can afford more styles, colors, and options for their career, and weekend wardrobe. Fantastic bargains for top career brands – Brooks Brothers, Robert Graham, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, and Ermenegild  Zegna especially can be found at fabulous savings!

2)      VARIETY Ahhhh the spice of life. – With all that saving on cost, men can afford to buy more clothing…in more colors, more unique styles, or more classics! Men’s dress shirts for example will hold their style from year to year. So last years ‘model’ is still completely relevant for career fashion! Classics like a great Brooks Brothers dress shirt, or Ralph Lauren sweater can be found for a bargain, and at those great preowned prices, men can afford those classic pieces that hold up well over time and never go out of style.

3)      AVOID THE MALL DRUDGERYIt’s been said again and again…mention shopping at the mall, or crowded department store, or (worse!) being seen in a preowned designer clothing boutique? And most men get that deer in the headlights look…they shudder at the very thought, the great news is guys… you don’t have to even get out of your boxers! Here at, we know you would much rather be shopping from home, while watching the football game, or on a business break. It   surely is more appealing than drudging around a crowded mall to find that great bargain.  Look for  pre-owned clothing sites with well-known brand names, accurate descriptions of the clothing, terrific pictures, and well described sizes and measurements.

4)      UNIQUE BUYS FOR UNIQUE GUYS!-   Are you into retro 50’s look? – Maybe western wear or just have to have that fun funky fish patterned tie? There is only one you, and creating your own style with collectable or unique preowned clothing is easy. Typing in a search on a website for “Harley Davidson vintage T- shirts” for example, is so much easier than sifting through racks looking for what you love!  There is only one you, and finding something that’s just your style is easy at online resale clothing sites.

5)       BUT IT’S …IT’S PRE-OWNED!! OK…let’s talk about that. If preowned or resale clothing seems to have a stigma think of it this way. a) Many items of clothing in a “Mall store” have also been tried on, or even returned (therefore possibly already worn). b) Many items sold through resale menswear sites are men’s gifts that do not fit, have been worn only a few times, or are store or gift returns where the buyer had already removed the store tags so the item is actually new! The classic brands are so well made, they definitely stand up to wear, and always look great. Your purchase may now their loss and your treasure!  c) As many women have discovered, the trick is to make sure you shop through a reputable online store, make sure you know your own measurements, and that exact measurements of clothing items are given in the descriptions of the item you are considering purchasing.   Make sure descriptions of the item list condition, defects or other attributes you should be aware of. Reputable resale sites will also have a mechanism to ask questions about condition, style, fit etc. of the clothing they sell.   Also a great return policy is a must!

Men- as you see, online pre-owned career and casual clothing stores put can put designer menswear literally at your fingertips!  So go out… (or should we say stay in), shop resale, spend less on resale designer and career clothing and look like a million!


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